How to get the most from your ecommerce store’s About Us Page

So you’re with someone who is constantly talking about this new online venture that they are going to invest in. They’re trying to tell you what it does but even with your entire focus on this conversation, you still have no clue what it’s about except it being  “innovative” and “out of the box”.

With this, we will now talk about the “About Us” page. Ever wondered what an About Us page actually does for a website? You stumble on a page/website and there it is. You read through it and in like five minutes you’ll know exactly what the entire website is about. No more need of decoding the meaning behind the words like “innovative”. In a matter of seconds, you’ll not only know what the website is about but how and why it is “out of the box”.

90% of ecommerce businesses use content marketing but a very few of them are using it successfully. If you actually want to stand out with your online marketing, the About Us page is your stepping stone, an everything-at-once kind of introduction to your online venture.

About Us Page – What is it?

In Layman’s terms, an About Us page is an introduction to what your online business is about. The what, why and how of your online venture. The first thing that people would want to see when they hear about you or if they want to simply learn about you.

You include the About Us page in order to have a personal touch with your consumers. Finding out why you are passionate about this project and more importantly, why they should be too, these are some of the answers that a consumer looks for when they click on your About Us page.

In order to understand it further and better, it’s important to talk about the components of an About Us page.

Components of an About Us Page

Before making an About Us page, it’s crucial to remember that you are not the first website that will be talking about themselves or offering a particular service and neither will you be last. Your consumers need to know why you’re unique with what you’re offering them.

  • Providing a background information about your products/ services and your team will give you that perfect balance of interpersonal and professional communication that will showcase the core values of your company.
  • Tell your story about the way you converted your ideas into a reality and the things or journey you witnessed that people can relate to.
  • In order to establish likeability and a sense of trust, provide information about your team, the actual people working behind the business which will give it credibility.
  • Your core values and institutions that your business is based on, deserves a lot of credit. It will show people how motivated you are about this venture and how it can fulfill the consumers demands in the best fashion possible.

About Us Page- Why Does it Matter?

We’ve already established the uses of an About Us page and covered the basics on what it actually does but what about an About Us page is so important that it changes the course of how people feel about your business? Let’s find out.

  • Being the first stop for the new customers, it’s the first impression of your website. 52% of respondents conveyed that the About Us page is the first thing they want to see when they land on your website to have an overview of what it offers. So it needs to have a strong story behind your products to have a strong first encounter.
  • When you want to stand out from your competitions, the About Us page is your go-to option. Answer the consumers’ questions about why you’re unique and why should they choose you over the other businesses offering the same products and services.

About Us Page- Best Practices

It can be difficult at first to pour down everything about your business on one page but it becomes a little easy when you know you’re the best person to do this task. Nobody else knows about the ins and outs of your business more than you do. You’re the best person to tell your story and curate it with a perspective that only you can best showcase.

Tell a Story

In a study from Stanford, students were asked to give one minute speeches containing three statistics and a story. Only 5% of listeners remembered the statistics. 63% remembered the story. The point being, it doesn’t matter what your brand origin story is, carrying on a family legacy or having a lightbulb moment with friends, this is your chance to tell it all.

Speak to Your Customers

It’s also important to talk to your customers. Tell them how your company is going to help them with their needs. Why should they choose YOUR product over everything else available in the market?

In order to cater to your customers’ needs, firstly, it’s important you know them inside out. The correct way to go about it is preparing a record of your target group – the age, location, occupation and the other basics. For example, a fashion brand can easily infer that the customers need to know about the latest fashion styles, so creating a blog about styling a particular accessory is one way to go about it.

Show Your Design

94% of website credibility comes from web design which means along with the content, the overall visual appeal is equally important to make a website appear credible. It needs to have a layout which brings out the very best of your business in the most professional way.

The user experience is all that matters, so create a page that is smooth and easy to read. Use headings, subheadings and color schemes that appeal to the customers.

Show Off Your People

We already talked about how storytelling is important, but it’s also important for people to know that there are actual people behind those screens working tirelessly to offer you the best services.

In order to do that, add some headshots of your team members with their short experience about working at the company. It’s also recommended to talk about interests outside of work so people can warm up to your company.

Gain Your Customers’ Trust

When it comes to trust, it’s important to note that the trust comes from the personal experiences. A person would dine in at a place recommended by a friend rather than a self promotion by the restaurant itself. So in order to gain that interest, add a few customer testimonials to your About Us page which would give the page the due credibility.

Have a Call To Action

There can be many actions that you would want people to take after they complete reading about you. A simple CTA can go a long way. If a “learn more” or “buy now” doesn’t appeal to you, “get in touch” or “Talk to Us” can also be some logical CTAs.

Pay Attention to the Consistency

It’s important that the color scheme and the layout you choose for your web page resonates with your brand colour. It shouldn’t look different and the moment people see your page, they should be able to recognise your brand.

Integrate with Social Media

As we know the wonderful effects of social media in promoting a brand, you should take advantage of the same by plugging your social media profiles on the About Us page. You can simply add all the icons or choose to have a CTA of “Follow us on Instagram”. Let people know that they can easily engage with your brand on any of their preferred platforms.

Include a Method of Contact

51% of people consider contact information to be the most important element usually missing from the websites. The About Us page is the best place to put this information. It could be an email, a phone number or a mailing address, always leave a way for the customers to easily get in touch with you.

Make it Easy to Read

By adding headings and subheadings, it’s easy to write your About Us page content in an organised way. The customer could easily scan through the whole thing and get the gist of it.

Read it Again and Again and Again

Keep your page updated by reading it once every month. Before you click on publish, make sure it has gone through different sets of eyes.

About Us Page- What Not to Include

Just like we talked about all the components that are necessary to be present in an About Us page, similarly there are some things that should not be included as well.

A Sales Pitch

Do not come on too strong by excessive self promotion and CTAs. Ofcourse the people would want to know about your accomplishments but try to strike the right balance when writing about it. Sometimes when it comes to a sales pitch, less is more. Adding the customer testimonials and team members accomplishments, will give you a greater and stronger credibility.


Making your About Us page more wordy than necessary would not help you in any way. Given that only 28% of all the words on a web page is actually read, it’s important to write the only things that matter in a way that it communicates to the consumer’s needs. Delete everything that does not convey the central element of your business.

Too Much Pictures or Videos

Just like making a page too wordy is a bad thing, filling the page with pictures and videos is an equal of a disaster. Keep the minimum visual content like team photo, video office tour and nothing that could make it seem cluttered.


You can definitely take ideas and inspiration from the above examples but when it comes to your products and services, remember that you’re unique and that’s exactly what you need to communicate to your customers.

Whether you’re creating customer testimonials, the team members’ experience or simply a workplace anecdote for people to relate to, write your own story to show the people that you do have a wonderful one.