How product reviews boosts your e-commerce store sales

It is a known fact that customer product reviews have been an instrumental asset in boosting online sales. Research and studies have also shown that over 71% of people read online product reviews before they visit your site or before they make a decision to buy a product or service online. Further data also showed that 63% of the people that read online reviews make their purchases based on the reviews they read online. Buyers trust reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations (source).

Forrester research showed that getting loyal customer costs 4-5 times less than acquiring a new one (source).

Allowing your customers to share their buying experience, read other customer reviews means you are showing them how important their satisfaction is to you.

Product reviews are one of the essential parts of the buying process, and this article will explain the way product reviews can be used to boost sales. Product reviews can give you an insight into what makes your clients happy and the best way to find a solution to any of their problems in case of negative reviews.

Make use of a platform

The first and most important step to using product reviews to boost sales is using a leading platform. Platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and others increase the authenticity of your business. These platforms offer two benefits to your business: the first is that you are getting product reviews, and the second benefit is that you will also enjoy a good exposure. If the purchase funnel is optimised, your business will generate more sales. With product reviews, you can generate 200% more sales, and having reviews on a platform builds customers confidence (source).

Product reviews should be highlighted

Having a great review can boost your sales to almost 10%, and having 100 reviews can positively affect your conversion rate by 37% (source). This is why positive reviews should be in the forefront of your business. Aside from the reviews on your website, it is always good to have a review page on social media platforms like Facebook. Billions of people use Facebook, making use of the platform is a way to make the most out of the platform and also grow your online community/ presence.

Add Google customer product reviews

Getting rating on Google offers a massive advantage. SEO-rich snippets can be used by business to display the star rating. Google AdWords is also instrumental because it integrates the reviews in the campaigns. Aside from getting good reviews, it is crème for businesses to learn how to tackle negative reviews. Ensure you respond quickly to negative reviews and also offer the best solution in your products reviews.

Be it a positive or negative review; you can always use them to improve your product sales. Positive reviews highlight product success, and negative reviews help show the way you can offer your product better.

How to offer incentives

Have you drafted ideas on how to improve your product, then you will be thinking of what’s next? Take the extra step to respond to reviews and offer incentives that help the customer make future purchases with your brand.

Try things like:

  • Free promotion items for clients that will offer future reviews
  • Offer discounts on future purchases for honest reviews
  • Offer discounts on products that will compliment customers purchase

How to get your product reviews

At this point, the importance of product reviews cannot be underestimated, how to deal with negative reviews, how to offer incentives for honest reviews, and how feedbacks can be used to improve your product. The next step is to find out the right way to get reviews and how to get them up on your page to improve conversion rate.

Email your customers: Trigger an automated email to the customers after purchasing your product.
Ask influencers: Influencers are people that have a significant online presence, and if your product happens to be in their field, contact them, and ask them to review your product. After reviewing your product, some influencers will love it, and they can also promote it for free.

Offer reward program: you can offer reward programs to customers for taking actions after purchasing your products. You can offer rewards for writing an honest product review after purchasing your product.

In conclusion, reviews have been a proven way to impact the conversion rate. Channeling time and resources towards them is an excellent investment for your business.