Importance of Chat Solutions in Driving Sales for e-commerce website


Pandemic has changed many things for the businesses including, but not limited to, customers changing their mode of doing it from offline to online. Businesses everywhere have adapted to this change and have become invested in maintaining their online presence. According to eMarketer, e-commerce sales have increased 32.4% year over year, reaching a level that was not expected until 2022. This growth is predicted to stay even after the pandemic ends. As the consumers have started preferring the online methods and have gone digital, Facebook Messenger is one of the ways to stay connected with them, drive sales and give out a personal touch that was expected at an offline level.


Just imagine yourself being in a store where you are trying to find that perfect gift for your loved one. You’re not able to find anything and now you are on the brink of frustration. Then suddenly you meet a sales agent and he helps you out by directing you to the exact perfect gift that you’ve been looking for. Facebook’s Chat Plugin provides this exact kind of help. It connects you directly with the high-intent customers at critical moments in their purchase journey.

It’s proven that consumers who use web-chat are 2.8 times more likely to get converted than the ones who don’t use it. People will mostly abandon their research and purchase if they can’t find a solution instantly. The bottom line is that you need to be more connected with your customers and their needs in order to drive sales.


Even after the sale is made, the chat solutions help you to answer the consumers’ questions. Messaging is one of the most convenient and affordable methods to communicate and 80% of people communicate through messages every day and this number is only increasing. It’s a hassle-free method for the consumers to communicate their queries without any need for phone numbers and being on hold for hours. It is an efficient and time-saving method as one employee can communicate with multiple customers at once.


Communication makes a business trustworthy. 66% of consumers have agreed that they find a business more trustworthy and confident about it when messaging is involved. Positive interactions can even make someone’s day. With Facebook Chat Plugin, that interactive experience will feel more efficient and personal. Messenger also allows you to continue the conversation if you want to through the Facebook Page Inbox even if one leaves the website.

Facebook Chat Plugin allows you to add Messenger to your website through WordPress Plugin Repository. Not only will it help you to increase your sales and make your business more beneficial, but you can also personalize everything to your own liking from appearance to voice.

To add Facebook’s Chat Plugin to your website:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Click Plugins → Add New.
  3. Search “Facebook Chat Plugin”
  4. Select the plugin authored by Facebook and click Install Now.
  5. Click Activate.
  6. You should now see a tab that says “Customer Chat” and you can connect your Facebook by going to Getting Started and clicking Edit Chat Plugin.

More than a billion people use Messenger every single day so no matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you’ll easily be able to connect with them. Learn more about how to chat with customers using Messenger and set up an instant greeting for people who reach out.

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